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The purchase of the ticket means acceptance of, on the part of the purchaser, the following terms and conditions:
1. Once purchased, the ticket will not be changed and money will not be refunded.
2. The organisation reserves the right to make changes to or modify the programme.
3. Right of admission is reserved.
4. The ticket is subject to different security measures. The organisation will not be held responsible for tickets which have not been purchased in official sales outlets. In the case of a ticket which has been spoiled, torn or shows signs of forgery, the organisation will prevent the holder from entering the venue. In these cases, the organisation reserves the right to undertake the legal measures stated in 14 of these general terms and conditions.
5. Admission is conditioned by possession of the complete ticket in good condition. The owner of the ticket will lose all rights granted once he/she leaves the venue.
6. When entering the venue, the public may be searched in accordance with the law, and under no circumstances will objects which may be regarded as dangerous by the organisation, or which are prohibited in accordance with current regulations such as cameras or any other device used to record images or sound, be allowed on the premises.
7. Where musical shows are concerned, all rights including performers’ rights and intellectual property are safeguarded so the audience cannot film or record the performance without the organisation’s written approval.
8. If the performance is cancelled, the organisation is responsible for returning the cost of the ticket. Sales channels distribution costs which have been applied to the price of this ticket will, under no circumstances, be returned by the organisation as the organisation is not the recipient of said sum where this service is provided.
9. The company issuing the ticket does not accept any obligation or responsibility pertaining to the organisation.
10. The audience may appear in images taken by the media which may then be used for promotional purposes.
11. The minimum legal age to attend this type of performance is 16. When the event is the type Disco, the minimum legal age to enter the event is 18.
12. The organisation of the event can refuse entry or expel the holder of any ticket who refuses to abide by these general terms and conditions or who ignores the indications of the organisation’s staff. Refusing entry or ejection from the premises can also be carried out if, rationally, it can be seen that a person’s presence on the premises may lead to a situation involving risk or danger either for the holder of the ticket or others present at the event; due to rowdy behaviour or being either in a state of intoxication or showing signs of it, the ticket holder being responsible at all times for his/her own actions and omissions when these lead to injury to third parties or damage to property.
14. All attempts at fraud and theft, as well as damage to property caused directly or indirectly to the organisation will lead to legal action being taken, both civil and criminal, which the organisation regards as appropriate against those responsible.
15. Possession of this ticket does not give the holder or any third party the right to use it or its contents for advertising purposes, whether this involves marketing or promotion (including competitions, gifts and/or draws), associated with the holder or a third party. Non-compliance with this point will oblige the advertiser and/or non-authorised user to pay a penalty equivalent to a thousand times the most expensive ticket to attend the event, without prejudicing further claims for general damages. Any license will therefore be cancelled.
16. This ticket must be looked after until the day of the event as if it were cash. The purchaser of the ticket or the person whose name the ticket is in, accepts all responsibility if a photocopied or forged duplicate of the ticket is presented, and therefore loses all the rights provided by the ticket to attend the event in question.